Our Clients 

Karnopp Petersen serves clients throughout Oregon with a focus on businesses and individuals in Bend, Redmond, Prineville, Sisters,  Madras, La Pine and throughout Central Oregon.




6/06/11 - City of Bend v. Juniper Utility Company

In 2002, the City of Bend took our clients’ water and sewer utility facilities claiming that those facilities were of no value.  Our clients did not agree with that assessment, and after a long trial and appeal the City was eventually required to pay compensation, damages, costs, and attorney fees totaling approximately $10 million.

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10/28/08 -The Inn of the Seventh Mountain: Resolving Conflict on the Road to Bachelor

For over thirty years, The Inn of the Seventh Mountain has offered visitors to Central Oregon a wide range of activities and the closest lodging to Mt. Bachelor. Recently renovated, the Inn boasts 170       comfortable condominiums in close proximity to the many attractions Central Oregon has to offer.

In late 2007 a complicated dispute arose within the Association of Unit Owners (AUO). A loosely organized group, “Concerned Unit Owners,” clashed with the AUO Board of Directors over concerns that the Board was predominately led by resort-management company, INNspired LLC. To help resolve the conflict, the association hired attorney, Tami MacLeod of Karnopp Petersen.



4/28/08 - Morelock v. Weyerhauser

In 2004, lumber company, Morelock Enterprises, Inc. recognized the possibility that Weyerhauser may have been using its market power in the finished alder lumber market to charge inflated prices. Karnopp Petersen LLP worked with Morelock Enterprises in a class action suit that led to an April 2008 judgment of $84 million in favor of the class against Weyerhauser.


6/1/07 - Sunriver, Oregon: On the Road   

Sunriver has been attracting residents and visitors for almost 40 years. In early 2007, the county service district was confronted with an issue regarding the ability to enforce traffic laws on Sunriver’s roadways. To resolve this important public safety issue, the Sunriver Owners Association turned to their attorneys at Karnopp Petersen LLP for advice.

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3/15/07 - Mill Quarter: Helping A Dream Become Reality 

Situated in Bend's exciting Old Mill District, the new Mill Quarter allows you to work and live in the heart of it all. When Aaron Lafky, President of Mill Quarter Properties, had a vision to create an urban community with Central Oregon flair in Bend's hottest new area he called the lawyers at Karnopp Petersen LLP.