Minds on Medical Leave: OFLA, FMLA Changes & More

Your employee may be sick, so why are you the one with a headache?

Determining an employee’s eligibility for legally-protected medical leave can be tricky -- and it only gets more complicated when workers’ compensation leave, or potential disability-related issues overlap.  Now that the federal regulations governing medical leave were recently revised, it’s time to brush up on medical leave basics and more.

  • Who is protected under the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA), and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?  What rights does an employer have to question the need for medical leave?
  • What do employers need to know about the legal definition of a "serious health condition?"  Or a "qualifying exigency” under the new federal laws?
  • How do the medical leave, workers’ compensation and disability laws work together?  And how do the recent legal changes affect your business?

We’ll cover these issue and much more, helping you to spot the issues where employers are most likely to get tripped up –- and hopefully work to avoid the lengthy lawsuits that can follow mismanaged medical leave.  Whether you’re new to the administration of medical leave or a seasoned pro looking to brush up, you won’t want to miss our seminar!  Unless you’re really sick, of course.  (We won’t require a doctor’s note.) 
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